The 4th of July and Pets: How to Sooth Their Nerves 

The 4th of July and Pets: How to Sooth Their Nerves 

As summer approaches and the 4th of July frows near, the use of firecrackers and fireworks increases dramatically. We are out later at night and live to light up the dark skies! We barbecue and have family gatherings to celebrate our families and country, but our pets don’t know what we are celebrating, and the loud noises can cause panic attacks in some pets. When preparing to celebrate this summer, remember to think of your four-legged fury companion! There are many ways CBD can help your dog this 4th of July season. So, let’s kick back in the cut, fire one up, and learn about some pet stuff. 

There are two main factors that contribute to pet anxiety during the summer: 

  1.  The explosions of the 4th  
  1. The separation anxiety caused by us spending more time outside without them.  

These problems are unavoidable. Even if you don’t light off fireworks, someone else certainly will. With nice weather, social calendars can fill up quickly and have your pet feeling ignored.  Loud noises while you’re not home can cause even further anxiety. Luckily, there are ways to combat that anxiety with hemp-derived products for pets. 

There has been anecdotal evidence that CBD can help your pet. We say anecdotal because few studies on CBD’s effects on pets exist and sadly, it is not much better with humans. The first and most prominent study on the effects of CBD on pets was performed in a 2017 Cornell University study and showed the benefits that CBD had on treating arthritis in dogs. Using that study, some veterinarians have used it to correlate it treat other issues found in both pets and humans. Our customers have been extremely positive about their experiences treating their pets with CBD. The average dosage for pets is debated but most say it is roughly 0.40mg per pound but you can always use a conversion calculator

If you’ve been considering CBD for your pet, there is no better time to try it than the 4th of July season.  RiverBluff carries CBD for pets and tinctures for humans can also be dosed down for pets. Unfortunately, these products aren’t available in our online store, but you can stop into our East Dubuque IL location and talk to one of our wonderful budtenders to see if CBD might be right for your pet. To stay up to date with all the latest deals and articles be sure to SIGN UP for our email group today! 

How 7/10 Came to be Celebrated 

How 7/10 Came to be Celebrated 

Dispensaries are flooded during your typical holiday weekend. Afterall, cannaconsumers love to celebrate! Those who love cannabis have even founded their own holidays. Almost everyone knows that 4/20 is the unofficial national weed day, but do you know about 7/10 the unofficial National Dab Day? 7/10 hasn’t been celebrated as long as 4/20 but it grows in popularity year after year. We’re going to take a deeper look into 7/10 and its humble rise from street slang into the average cannaconsumer vocabulary. So, let’s kick back in the cut, fire one up and learn about some holiday weed stuff.  

Where Did It Come From? 

Did you know, 710 spun 180 degrees spells OIL?! Oil has been associated with cannabis concentrates longer than any other slang term as hash oil is one of the first known uses of cannabis concentrates. 710 would then become a slang term for dabs by street dealers and enter the Urban Dictionary in 2010. In 2011, Rap star TaskRok of Highly Educated began to use the term in interviews and in conversation with other artists. That same year he released an album under the group Task & Linus titled The Movement full of cannabis references, including the song 7:10. He was very vocal about the benefits of dabbing while downplaying the benefits of traditional smoking. Without a doubt, dabbing exploded in popularity between 2010 and 2013.  

Why Did It Become Celebrated? 

As all things cannabis became more accepted and grew in popularity, those who are active in cannabis culture naturally sought out more days to celebrate our culture. 7/10 didn’t really become celebrated until 2013 when LA Weekly dropped an article titled 7/10 Is the New 4/20. The term 710 was spreading with its newfound notoriety, even 420 glass cleaner released a new formula for oil rigs called 710. Now, 710 was visible in most smoke shops and people began to ask questions and wanted to become educated on its history. The more dabbing grew in popularity, the quicker cannaconsumers took to own 7/10 as another one of our cherished holidays. Today 7/10 is almost as well-known as 4/20 when it comes to green holidays and shows no signs of slowing down! 

And So, We Dab 

So, on 7/10 we dab. We dab together to be social and celebrate the wonderful culture we all live in, a onetime counterculture that is now just culture. With that said, you should probably get stocked up for the holiday and boy do we have some recommendations! Unfortunately, we don’t carry any oils on the site, but you can stop into our East Dubuque location and try our amazing THC-A Badder. The selection is ever changing but the Vanilla Frosty is to die for! Don’t worry, if you aren’t a dabber, carts are oil too so you can still join in the festivities. Not sure what to pick and need more information, just check out this Dabs: The Sleeping Giant of THC Products article. No matter what your plans are for 7/10, take a moment and reflect on how far the world has come to celebrate a day like it and enjoy the holiday. If you want to stay up to date on the latest deals and article SIGN UP for our free email group. 

Strain of the Month: Apple Tart 

Strain of the Month: Apple Tart 

Appe Tart opened a whole new world for apple strain loving enthusiasts. It feels and tastes like confectionary glory handed down by the gods of weed and bakers. A strain with a mission bred to be the most flavorful apple strain on the market. This bud was designed to make mouths water and eyes dry; the plant traces its lineage back to the green thumbs at Clearwater Genetics. Apple Tart is the new giant of the apple strains towering over all others. It doesn’t matter if you eat edibles infused with it, vape it, dab it, or smoke it, Apple Tart hits the spot, so let’s look a little deeper into where this strain came from and what it is all about.  

The Lineage  

Apple Tart comes from a strong lineage of fruitful sweet strains; it a cross of Apple Fritter and Runtz. At the time, Apple Fritter was the ruler of apple strains and Runtz was gaining a reputation for being very sweet. Excitement surrounded Apple Tart from the moment it made its way into dispensaries and can be found in most dispensaries and many consumer’s homes. It almost immediately unseated Apple Fritter as the go-to apple strain and has never looked back. Apple Tart has become a strain that many smokers have grown to love for both its medicinal and recreational effects. Apple tart first rose to fame when Leafy named it one of its summer strains of 2022. 

The Basics 

Apple Tart leans slightly sativa but is balanced for the most part and generally tests around the 25% total THC mark. It is beloved by indica and sativa smokers alike. The strain makes for a superb summertime stain. Its fruity flavor almost beckons you into the sun to dance, frolic and get into some foolery. Apple Tart is simply a fun strain. It is balanced enough to provide joy for both indica and sativa smokers and sweet enough to unlock the hearts of those who generally shy away from sweet strains

The Aroma and Taste 

Apple Tart’s taste and aroma are true to its name. The buds are pristine and smell like fresh apples, hints of berries and subtle notes of cream and baked goods. The creamy sensation comes on once you spark it up. The combination of these well-paired flavors gives the strain its name. Hidden under those sweet delights are subtle tones of spice. This strain indeed does make your mouth water and your eyes dry. The dominant terpenes in Apple Tart are Linalool, Limonene, Farnesene, Caryophyllene, Humulene. Check out our terpenes blog for a more detailed overview of all the terpenes. 


Apple Tart is known for having the mentally uplifting effects of sativa while maintaining the relaxing effects of an indica. It provides the consumer with a euphoric anxiety free social experience while still helping others relax after a long hard day. Many consumers report that Apple Tart is an ideal midday stain.  

Should You Try It? 

Apple Tart skates that fine line of hybrids that allows all consumers to enjoy it in whatever way they see fit. It has become a sought-after stain of the industry for that very reason. If you are already fond of apple strains, Apple Tart may be your new favorite. If you are not into apple strains, Apple Tart might change your mind. Either way, if you haven’t tried it, you should! When grown properly, few strains can match the aroma and bag appeal of Apple Tart. Though we don’t have it on our website, you can stop into our East Dubuque, IL location and grab a preroll today. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you’d like to see more like it and all the latest deals SIGN UP for our free email group to stay in the know. 

4 Things to Remember When Vaping This Summer 

4 Things to Remember When Vaping This Summer 

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high. That’s right summertime is back and that means sun times and fun times. Let’s say that the cotton won’t be the only thing that is high. Cannaconsumers are on the move during the summertime. There are hikes to be had, boats or tubes to be floated on, the warm crisp summer air to fill your nose, and strains to be smoked. With the rampant pace to enjoy summer while it lasts, many cannaconsumers rely on vaping to fill their needs due to their discreet and easy use in almost every situation. Yet, their convenience comes with some caveats. Here are four things to remember when vaping this summer. 

Vape Carts are 2/3 Mogwai 

Summer brings with it lovely sunshine and wild wet outdoor adventures. However, much like owning a Mogwai, it shares 2/3 of the same rules of ownership if you want the best experience. For those completely lost, Gizmo, from the movie Gremlins, Gremlins 2, and hopefully soon Gremlins 3, was a Mogwai and caused some antics. 

  1. First, keep it out of direct light and heat as much as possible! 
  2. Heat and light can cause the oil to thin out resulting in leaks and loss of flavor.   
  3. Second, don’t get them wet.  
  4. Electronic devices don’t like moisture, so keep it as dry as possible. 

      Handle those two tips and you avoid your Mogwai going all Gremlin and becoming a problem. Can’t find anything that says you can’t feed it after midnight, but I bet it will have you eating after midnight. 

      Don’t Overwork Your Device 

      Summer brings the social out of all of us and cannabis consumption is social by nature. The increased heat and passing of vapes can lead to problems. Exposing your vape to rapid hits in short succession can drain the battery, cause the oil to thicken causing clogs, and worst-case scenario kill the battery all together. If you are going to share or are just a heavy consumer, be sure to give your vape extra time to cool down after every few hits. This may seem like a pain, but it will save you money in the long run. 

      Keep It Clean 

      First off, no matter how hard you try you will probably leave you vape in a place too hot for it at least once. Nobody is perfect. This can lead to clogs and seepage from your vape. You can help reduce this by keeping an eye on a few things.  

      1. First, keep the airway clear. If you start struggling to pull on you vape, you probably have the beginnings of a clog. You can keep airways clear by using a toothpick or paperclip to gently clear debris. 
      1.  If you are using a disposable vape, there is normally a hole near the charging port that you can blow through until vapor comes out the mouthpiece clearing the clog. 
      1. If you are using a traditional cart and pen set up, make sure to regularly clean the threading and contacts with alcohol.  

      Don’t Vape and Drive 

      We know you have places to go and people to see but do not vape and drive. This goes 365 days a year, but many people test their luck in warmer weather. The windows are down, and you don’t think anyone will smell it, you’re on a boat and don’t think anyone is out there to catch you, or you’re riding a bike on a trail and don’t think it will harm anything. You’d be wrong and put yourself and others in danger. In all three cases you can and will be ticketed for operating under the influence. According to Pennsylvania v. Mimms, you must obey officer’s commands while detained, including but not limited to being separated from your transportation, allowing a frisk for weapons, and a field sobriety test when required. Not adhering to an officer’s commands only leads to headaches or worse for both of you. Have fun, respect others, and be safe out there. 

      4 Creative Ways to Use THC Chocolate 

      4 Creative Ways to Use THC Chocolate 

      Many people enjoy edibles, and more and more are venturing outside the realm of gummies and discovering the wonderful world of THC-infused chocolates. Chocolate is one of the most amazing substances on earth. We give it to those we love on special occasions; we eat it when we are sad, happy or just because, and it is ingrained in most holiday frivolity. It is simply delightful, unavoidable, and inescapable. But what happens when you tire of just eating squares off a bar? What happens when a chocolate becomes more than just a chocolate? Magic! That is what happens. All these ideas come with heating chocolate. Never heat THC above 392 degrees as it will cause it to degrade. Try to use the lowest temperature possible to accomplish your alchemy. Kick back in the cut, loosen on up, and let’s talk about some chocolate weed stuff. 


      Summertime is here and that means camping. Can you really say you went camping if you didn’t make smores? The timeless classic is a champion around campfires and seared into some of our fondest memories. You know the routine. Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Sandwich them together and melt into delicious gooey goodness. This treat is ideal as it rarely exceeds temperature limits and requires no devices to make it. Ingredients, an open fire, a set of tongs or two sticks if you are adventurous, and you are on your way. Use our Smores bar and enter smoreception. 

      Hot Coco 

      We know it is summertime and this is more of a winter drink but come on who doesn’t like hot coco before bed?  A perfect nightcap regardless of season. Again, this is a simple routine. Heat milk or water to desired temperature and add desired dose of chocolate. Mix, stir, and shazam, you have the best hot coco you’ve ever tried! We even made our own recipe. 


      This one might sound strange but don’t knock it until you try it! Chocolate melts at very low temperatures making it an easy to convert dipping sauce. Once in liquid form, the world is your oyster. Do you want to be healthy? Just cut up some fruits. You want something savory? Grab a bag of chips or some pretzels. You want to go completely insane? Try them on some wings or ribs. Our French Toast bar melted over pretzels is life changing.  

      Baked Goods 

      The go to in every cannaconsumer’s arsenal. Once upon a time, stoners had to extract THC into butter or oil and then use it for baking and most of the time they baked chocolate chip cookies or brownies. Now all the hassle of at home extraction is gone with THC-infused chocolate. Just dice up the bars however you see fit and add them to your favorite dough or batter and ta da! Your chocolate has transformed into something far greater. Just be sure to never heat THC above 392 degrees as it will cause it to degrade. 

      Be a Mad Scientist or At Least a Stoned One 

      Variery is the spice of life and experimentation leads to more variety. We’ve given you some brush strokes to create your own masterpiece. Be inventive, be adventurous, and challenge yourself and social norms. There are far worse days to be had than melting some chocolate on something different to find out it wasn’t that good. There are few better days than melting chocolate on something different and realizing you know something others don’t. We’re just saying THC-infused chocolate mesquite BBQ ribs sound like a thing that should already exist. To keep up to date with all the latest deals and articles at RiverBluff be sure to SIGN UP for our email group. 

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