From Breakfast to Baked 

Cereal Milk feels and tastes like someone plucked the warmest nostalgic memory from your mind and planted it for all to enjoy. An enchanting flower born of wonder and love; the plant traces its lineage back to the geniuses at Cookies. Cereal Milk can stand toe to toe with most stains and hit just as hard. It doesn’t matter if you eat edibles infused with it, vape it, dab it, or smoke it, Cereal Milk hits the spot, so let’s look a little deeper into where this strain came from and what it is all about.  

Cereal Milk doesn’t come from a notable lineage like LA Kush Cake. The biproduct of two relatively unknown strains, Snowman and Y-Life, Cereal Milk didn’t enter the market with a prebuilt reputation but quickly earned one. Ceral Milk’s reputation has made it a strain in demand. Ceral Milk can be found in most dispensaries and in many consumers homes. It has overcome an unheralded introduction to become a strain that many smokers have grown to love for both its medicinal and recreational effects. 


Cereal Milk is a fairly balanced hybrid that generally tests between 20-25% THC and leans ever so slightly sativa. It is beloved by indica and sativa smokers alike. The strain will make you feel like Goldie Locks. It’s not too heavy, it’s not too light, it’s just right like the little bear’s porridge. Cereal Milk is a well-rounded strain that offers a little something for everyone who tries it and most come back for more. 

Aroma and Taste 

Cereal Milk’s taste and aroma are true to its name. The buds are gorgeous and smell like fruit, mostly berries. The creamy sensation comes on once you spark it up. The mixture of those two overwhelming flavors gives the strain its name. Hidden under those sweet delights are subtle tones of spice. This strain is nothing short of mouthwatering. Check out our terpenes blog for a more detailed overview of all terpenes.

Strain Effects 

Cereal Milk is known for having the mentally uplifting effects of a sativa while maintaining the pain reducing effects of an indica. It provides the consumer with a euphoric anxiety free social experience while still helping to manage any pain they are in. Many consumers report that Cereal Milk is great at fighting off migraines. Ceral Milk first began to earn its reputation in medicinal cannabis dispensaries all over the country. 

Should You Try It? 

Cereal Milk is a near perfectly balanced hybrid allowing all varieties of consumers to enjoy it in whatever way they see fit. It has become a workhorse of the industry for that very reason. Cereal Milk isn’t just for breakfast anymore. It is good for any occasion. Because of its modest lineage, it almost all exceeds even the most cynical smoker’s expectations.  Cereal Milk has its foothold in the industry and looks to continue its ascent toward the top. If you haven’t had the pleasure of indulging in a bit of Cereal Milk, you’ve unknowingly denied yourself the chance of trying one of the more innovative strains in recent memory. Fear not though; it can be rectified. We suggest you rush out to try it immediately and judge for yourself.    

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