Appe Tart opened a whole new world for apple strain loving enthusiasts. It feels and tastes like confectionary glory handed down by the gods of weed and bakers. A strain with a mission bred to be the most flavorful apple strain on the market. This bud was designed to make mouths water and eyes dry; the plant traces its lineage back to the green thumbs at Clearwater Genetics. Apple Tart is the new giant of the apple strains towering over all others. It doesn’t matter if you eat edibles infused with it, vape it, dab it, or smoke it, Apple Tart hits the spot, so let’s look a little deeper into where this strain came from and what it is all about.  

The Lineage  

Apple Tart comes from a strong lineage of fruitful sweet strains; it a cross of Apple Fritter and Runtz. At the time, Apple Fritter was the ruler of apple strains and Runtz was gaining a reputation for being very sweet. Excitement surrounded Apple Tart from the moment it made its way into dispensaries and can be found in most dispensaries and many consumer’s homes. It almost immediately unseated Apple Fritter as the go-to apple strain and has never looked back. Apple Tart has become a strain that many smokers have grown to love for both its medicinal and recreational effects. Apple tart first rose to fame when Leafy named it one of its summer strains of 2022. 

The Basics 

Apple Tart leans slightly sativa but is balanced for the most part and generally tests around the 25% total THC mark. It is beloved by indica and sativa smokers alike. The strain makes for a superb summertime stain. Its fruity flavor almost beckons you into the sun to dance, frolic and get into some foolery. Apple Tart is simply a fun strain. It is balanced enough to provide joy for both indica and sativa smokers and sweet enough to unlock the hearts of those who generally shy away from sweet strains

The Aroma and Taste 

Apple Tart’s taste and aroma are true to its name. The buds are pristine and smell like fresh apples, hints of berries and subtle notes of cream and baked goods. The creamy sensation comes on once you spark it up. The combination of these well-paired flavors gives the strain its name. Hidden under those sweet delights are subtle tones of spice. This strain indeed does make your mouth water and your eyes dry. The dominant terpenes in Apple Tart are Linalool, Limonene, Farnesene, Caryophyllene, Humulene. Check out our terpenes blog for a more detailed overview of all the terpenes. 


Apple Tart is known for having the mentally uplifting effects of sativa while maintaining the relaxing effects of an indica. It provides the consumer with a euphoric anxiety free social experience while still helping others relax after a long hard day. Many consumers report that Apple Tart is an ideal midday stain.  

Should You Try It? 

Apple Tart skates that fine line of hybrids that allows all consumers to enjoy it in whatever way they see fit. It has become a sought-after stain of the industry for that very reason. If you are already fond of apple strains, Apple Tart may be your new favorite. If you are not into apple strains, Apple Tart might change your mind. Either way, if you haven’t tried it, you should! When grown properly, few strains can match the aroma and bag appeal of Apple Tart. Though we don’t have it on our website, you can stop into our East Dubuque, IL location and grab a preroll today. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you’d like to see more like it and all the latest deals SIGN UP for our free email group to stay in the know. 

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