NEW! D9 Bluff Pop – 4 Packs


Experience a blast from the past with a refreshing blend of familiar flavors from your childhood – with a classic look and modern twist of Delta 9 THC. Available in 10mg and 50mg options!

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Grape 10mg Pop

Grape 50mg Pop

Lime 10mg Pop

Lime 50mg Pop

Punch 10mg Pop

Punch 50mg Pop

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How could we not make a purple drink? The grape flavor profile is underutilized in the soda pop market, and that won’t stand. No longer shall the love of the grape be reserved for the wine snob. Get-highs, our day has come. There shall be Bluff Gape Pop for all (of age), and it will be glorious.


This one hits you right in the nostalgia. Either on vacation with your feet in the sand or a stressed-out graduate student pooling money to make jungle juice, almost everyone loves tropical punch. It is a modern American classic for good reason. Relive your college years or feel like you are taking a nap on the beach, now, while you enjoy our tropical punch with bubbles and D9 hemp-derived THC.


More lines of lemon/lime soda have existed than any other flavor. That is because it is easy on the pallet and a timeless classic. It is what we are taught to drink if we have an upset stomach for crying out loud! We kept this timeless tradition but with our own flavor twists and, of course, hemp-derived THC.

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Bluff Coconut Lime Pop, Bluff Punch Pop, Bluff Grape Pop


50mg, 10mg


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