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Tinctures, Edibles, Topicals & Smokeables Explained To Help You Find Exactly What You Are Looking For.


Edibles are a great and discreet way to try CBD. CBD edibles take effect in 45-120 minutes. However, with the delay comes longer last effects.The effects will last 6-8 hours.


Riverbluff tinctures work best sublingually (absorbed under your tongue). Letting the product absorb under your tongue rather than subjecting it to the digestive tract preserves more of the CBD, and you’ll feel results faster. You will feel the effects in about 15-30 minutes. The effects will last 4-6 hours.


CBD topicals are designed to be applied directly to the skin. Riverbluff offers lotions, salves and roll-ons. Topicals are a great choice when it comes to treating localized pain or skin conditions. You will feel the effects in about 15 minutes. The effects will last 5-6 hours.


Using River Bluff CBD flower or vape cartridges allows the CBD to go directly into your bloodstream, so you’ll feel the effects in 10 minutes or less. Be sure to fully inhale for maximum cannabinoid absorption. The effects will last 2-3 hours.