RiverBluff’s Bluff Pops got their moment to shine when the 50mg hemp-derived THC Punch Pop was matched against 2 25mg recreational dispensary drinks from CQ in a head-to-head comparison on the YouTube channel Cannabis Critique. Cannabis Critique is an experienced cannaconsumer and decided to see how comparable the two products were. RiverBluff looked forward to this challenge and accepted it post haste to find out what an independent source would say about how their drinks stacked up against traditional dispensary drinks.  Though he enjoyed the high of both drinks, he made key points about how RiverBluff may be the better option. To see exactly what was said, you’ll have to watch the full video here. 

RiverBluff is extremely proud of its Bluff Pops. Cannabis Critique tried a pretty hefty 50mg Punch Pop which may not be for everyone. No worries though! It is also available it 10mg! Not only that but all our flavors come in both 50mg and 10mg and soon to be 4mg options. That’s right RiverBluff brings more than one flavor to the table! Besides our Punch Pop, there is also a RiverBluff Grape Pop and a Coconut Lime Pop. The Grape Pop is suited for a lazy nostalgic day and our Coconut Lime Pop is perfect for a beach day with friends. All our RiverBluff’s Pops are made with water-soluble THC for a fast-acting result with little to no cannabis flavor. These drinks have summertime written all over them! Pick yours out now!  SIGN UP for our email list to stay up to date on all the latest deals and articles provided by RiverBluff Collective

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