In this article, we will cover specific products that we recommend for specific issues, specific products for different methods of consumption, and specific products for different levels of experience. At RiverBluff, we strive to have a product for everyone, and we believe we’ve accomplished that. So, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn about some weed stuff. 

What if I Only Smoke? 

We offer many hemp-derived products for you to enjoy smoking: 2g Blended Disposable Pens, 1g Delta 8 THC Cartridges, 1g Prerolls/6 Packs of .5g Prerolls, our variety of Dabs (The 3.5g THC-A Badder is a steal), and of course our By-Weight Flower. Since we are a hemp-derived store, our smokables have no purchase limits! Unfortunately, we only  offer our smokeable products in-store at our Illinois location. If you are looking for help sleeping or with pain management, check out the Indicas we offer. We enjoy our 2g THC-A Sunset Sherbert disposable. It is sweet, citrusy and easy to smoke. If you are just looking to elevate your mood, check out our Sativas. We like our 2g THC-A Ghost Train Haze disposable. The strain is earthy and tastes like weed. We assure you we have a smokeable option for everyone. If you need help selecting your purchase, your budtender will be glad to help guide you. 

What if I Only Do Edibles? 

Riverbluff built our reputation on the quality of our edibles. We don’t do Indica or Sativa edibles, everything is Hybrid. To achieve the effects desired by those shopping for Indica/Sativa, we use other compounds from the plant commonly found in Indicas/Sativas. If you want a Sativa effect, try our fast-acting water soluble 5mg THC 5mg CBG gummies. Besides being great for mood elevation, these strawberry gummies also work well for migraines, trembles, and even clarity and focus. If you want an Indica effect, try our fast-acting water soluble 5mg THC 5mg CBN. These grape gummies may be the most requested item in our store. Perfect for relaxation and a good night’s sleep. For a more recreational experience, try our 150mg Delta 9 THC chocolate bars. Our French Toast bar offers a legendary experience you won’t find elsewhere; At 15mg per square, it is epic flavor explosion you’ll never forget. For the more advanced consumer, we suggest our Starman. At 50mg per gummy, this powerful grape gummy covered in candy packs quite the punch. It is available in a single count or a 5 pack.   

What if I can’t Smoke and Don’t Like Edibles? 

Fear not, we’ve spent the last year upping our game for you. RiverBluff offers a host of premade drinks as well as our notorious Simple Syrup. We have two Lemonade options for new to moderate consumers: Kyles Killer Lemon Haze, a classic tart lemonade, and The Dude, a slightly sweeter tangier raspberry lemonade. Both options are dosed at 10mg Delta 9 THC. For the more advanced lemonade consumer, we present Shake and Bake, our 100mg Delta 8 THC strawberry lemonade. Shake and Bake is not for the faint of heart. Want something bubbly, try our Cresent 9 seltzers. Want something bubbly and sweet, RiverBluff in partnership with 7 Hills brewery has released our Soda Pop. Coming in Grape, Lime, and Punch, each flavor comes in a 10mg Delta 9 THC option and 50mg Delta 9 THC option, and are handcrafted in Dubuque, IA. Want to get creative, you can try our Delta-9 Simple Syrup and create your own concoction.  

Always Pushing Forward 

RiverBluff is constantly developing new hemp-derived products to meet the needs of our customers. We listen to our customers and make decisions based on their wants and needs. In this article, we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the products we have available. If nothing mentioned in this article is up your alley, stop into our Dubuque or East Dubuque locations and talk to one of our budtenders to see if we have a product that does suit your needs. If you prefer online shopping, continue on the website (sorry no smokables). We want your shopping experience to be as satisfying and easy as possible by giving you the basic tools to identify the products you need.  


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