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RIVERBLUFF DELTA 9 THC infused Simple Syrup is a liquified form of sugar used to sweeten cocktails, teas, coffees, lemonade, and any hot or cold drinks. It easily blends into any beverage and adds 20mg of Delta 9 THC per 1 oz serving turning almost any drink into THC drinks. Furthermore, THC drinks make a wonderful non-alcoholic drink.

Not only can our Delta 9 Simple Syrup take any drink up a notch or create an amazing cocktail from scratch, but it is versatile. It has uses in everything from baking, to jelly and jam making, and homemade wine and beer making.

Water Soluble = Faster, stronger effects

Delta 9 THC Simple Syrup uses RIVERBLUFF’s water soluble Delta 9 THC which allows for more efficient and quicker absorption of the product. Traditional, oil soluble THC edibles and beverages allow for around 17% absorption of the THC. Our water soluble allows for 80% absorption. Water soluble products also will begin to take effect in 10-15 minutes vs 45 minutes + with a traditional THC edible. The duration of the experience is also much more predictable with a water soluble. In addition, water soluble THC allows some of those who have never experienced an edible to finally take that journey.

This means it will evoke more of the psychoactive sensation that you want much faster.

RiverBluff is proud of our Delta 9 THC simple syrup. It allows the user to experience a wide array of cannabis consumption. Not only does our Simple Syrup not only takes your THC drinks up a notch but also makes the best non-alcoholic drinks you’ll ever find.

From food to drink, our Simple Syrup has you covered. We will take almost any culinary adventure to a “higher” level. Your taste buds will beg for more. We are giving you artistic freedom with your high to experiment. Our Simple Syrup allows you to explore everything from non-alcoholic drinks to layer cakes to sauce for your wings. Your brain wants you to try it, we want you to try it, so just try it.

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