People really like weed! It is everywhere you look. More people are trying it, and less people are chastising its consumption. Much of this has come from the reformation of state laws leading to curiosity in both medical and recreational benefits. Hemp derived THC products can now be found in most states. In this article, I will go over some of the reasons THC is being more accepted and why if you’ve never tried it a hemp derived THC drink may be the best way to start. 

There are many reasons people consume THC. Some find it a safer recreational alternative than alcohol and they are increasingly using it for stress management over alcohol. Many are using it for sleep management and pain relief which they grew up using alcohol or pharmaceutical medications to treat. Some people use it to relieve social anxiety. There are many benefits to using THC and more and more people are turning THC over alcohol and pills. No matter the reason people consume THC there is no denying THC’s rise in popularity over time. General acceptance of THC has risen across all age demographics with the biggest swell coming in consumers over the age of 55. The reason for these increases comes from the new varieties of intake consumption available on the market. Most notably THC infused drinks. 

See proof!

Before the last 25 years, consumers were left with two options: 1. Smoke. 2. Eat (and that is if you knew someone who could properly make edibles). Smoking saw a decrease just as cigarettes did. It was viewed as less acceptable socially and not great for your health. Edibles weren’t as readily available and onset time was unpredictable. Even modern day edibles can be wildly unpredictable based on a person’s individual body type. These two factors led to water soluble THC. To learn more about water soluble THC click here. Water soluble THC gave consumers a quicker more reliable onset time for edibles generally within 20 minutes (if you eat gummies consider asking if it is oil soluble THC or water soluble THC) and a more controlled duration closer to alcohol, but more importantly, it gave us THC infused drinks that for the first time didn’t taste like chewing a stem. 

Drinking has always been considered more socially acceptable than smoking, so for a long time, THC consumers were the bud of the joke when they had to leave the group and consume their THC elsewhere. It was a buzzkill. Trust me! One thing that cannot be doubted is a good old-fashioned “Get High” will find a solution to almost any problem if we can be social. Acceptance of alcohol began to see a decline just like cigarettes before it, and for many of the same reasons, possibly the most important of which is that both are viewed as having worse long-term side effects than consuming THC. Still, going out to the bar, tavern, saloon, or local watering hole is the only social thing some people do.  

Now, more of these establishments are offering federally legal hemp derived drinks and not just in recreational marijuana states. Iowa for example is considered by many people to be more than likely in the last 15 states to make marijuana recreational, yet they are doing wonderful things with THC infused drinks. Take Cliff’s Dive Bar and Grill in Cedar Rapids or Bellhop Tiki Bar in Des Moines, they have moved forward offering THC infused drinks providing an alternative to alcohol while still maintaining the social atmosphere of any other bar. This trend has a high likelihood of continuing in many nonrecreational states as the overall acceptance of THC consumption continues to grow and alcohol consumption decreases. 

All this information may be overwhelming, but THC infused drinks are booming, and it looks to get more popular in the future. If you are considering trying THC for the first time, drinks are a reliable option for new consumers. If you are a lifelong consumer and have never tried a THC infused drink, try one. If you are staunchly against THC consumption, be open-minded when you start seeing these beverages offered in more establishments you frequent. The time for chastising that which we don’t understand has passed. This is the information age so do some research and base your opinion on something more than a forgotten status quo. The THC Revolution is here, and it comes in a drink. 

Products Available by River Bluff 

RiverBluff offers two average dose seltzers by Cresent 9, a 5mg hemp derived Delta 9 THC Ginger Lemonade and a 6mg hemp derived Delta 9 THC Tropical. We also offer a whopping 50mg Strawberry Lemonde seltzer from Cresent 9 for the more experienced user. Our RiverBluff hemp derived THC drinks include two 25mg hemp derived Delta 8 THC drinks, a lemonade called Kyle’s Killer Lemon Haze. and a strawberry lemonade named Shake and Bake. Our last lemonade is a 10mg hemp derived Delta 9 THC raspberry lemonade simply titled The Dude. For those feeling creative, we have a 1oz (20mg), 4oz (80mg), and 750ml (500mg) bottles of simple syrup where you can make any drink you can conjure. 

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