THC Lemonade


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Our hemp derived THC Lemonades are hand crafted in East Dubuque, IL. Take your high-dration game to the next level with our Original Delta 8 Lemonade, the delightful Strawberry Delta 8 Lemonade, or the tart and tangy Raspberry Delta 9 Lemonade.

Unlike most traditional cannabis infused beverages our lemonades are made using water soluble THC. Water solubility was a breakthrough in cannabis science as it increased absorption rate, reduced on set time, and even allowed many who can’t enjoy edible/drinkable THC due to their liver failing to process it as it bypasses the liver by soaking into the stomach lining. This allows for a more controlled cannabis experience. It makes gaging and tailoring the effects much easier allowing for a more enjoyable overall experience.
Our Delta 8 Lemonades are infused with 25mg of THC per 12oz bottle. Our Delta 9 Lemonade is infused with 10 mg THC per 120z bottle. The future of cannabis beverages is here, now! Experience the Now!

Want to make your own drinks? Check out our D8 Simple Syrup or D9 Simple Syrups!

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