D8 3.5g Dabs


RiverBluff’s Delta 8 Dabs are made with hemp derived Delta 8 THC and are some of the highest quality Delta 8 products on the market.  Find your favorite strain and let the good times roll.
RiverBluff Cannabis is veteran owned, and our dabs are made right here in East Dubuque, IL and packaged in reusable containers so you can feel good about supporting a small business and the environment with every hit you take.

9lb Hammer || Strain – Indica || Fragrance – Citrus Zest, Pine Forest, Spice || Effects – Restful, Calming

Bomb Pop || Strain – Hybrid || Fragrance – Cherry, Fruity, Dank || Effects – Happy, Calm, Talkative

Blue Dream || Strain – Sativa Hybrid || Fragrance – Sweet Blueberry || Effects – Euphoric, Creative

Cranberry Kush || Strain – Indica Hybrid || Fragrance – Lime, Berry, Fruit Tones || Effects – Soothing, Uplifting

Maui Wowie || Strain – Sativa || Fragrance – Heavy Pineapple & Mango base with notes of pine and pepper || Effects – Uplifting and Unwinding, Increased Focus

Watermelon Zkittlez || Strain – Indica Hybrid || Fragrance – Sweet Watermelon, Lemonade, Earthy || Effects – Creative, Calming

Delta 8 Dab Product COA

* This product is not available in every state, check your local laws to see if smokable hemp products are legal! *
NON-inclusive list of where it is available: Illinois & Wisconsin
NON-inclusive list of where it is NOT available: Iowa


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1 review for D8 3.5g Dabs

  1. George Wortley

    It’s got to be the best tasting concentrates I ever have

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