D8 Chocolate Bars


RiverBluff’s D8 THC Chocolate Bars are gourmet indulgence meets the soothing effects of Delta-8 THC. These premium THC edibles are crafted in small batches with care and precision in East Dubuque, IL, using the finest Ghirardelli chocolate, these bars offer a delightful fusion of flavor and relaxation or fun that is unmatched by other THC edible chocolates.

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Exceptional THC Edible Chocolate, Elevated: Our constant commitment to quality begins with the selection of Ghirardelli chocolate, known worldwide for its unparalleled taste and smooth texture. Each bite delivers a premium chocolate experience that provides a perfect blend of THC and Chocolate.

Flavorful Choices: Choose from two enticing D8 THC edible chocolates. The classic D8 THC Milk Chocolate Bar combines the richness of Ghirardelli with the amazing influence of Delta-8 THC, while the Cookies and Cream D8 THC Chocolate Bar gives a playful crunch of chocolate cookie mixed with Ghirardelli white chocolate that lets the user relish in the decadent pairing. Each if these bars are perfect for your next THC edible experience.

Why Choose River Bluff’s D8 THC Chocolate Bars?

  • Crafted with Ghirardelli chocolate for a premium taste.
  • Each bar is infused with 200mg of Delta-8 THC (20mg per piece).
  • Handmade in East Dubuque, IL, ensuring top-notch quality.
  • Ideal for unwinding, sharing with friends, or savoring a moment of bliss.
  • Convenient, discreet, and lab-tested for quality.

Cookies & Cream Chocolate COA

Milk Chocolate COA

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  1. Erin Hall

    The cookies and cream is just like a Hershey’s.

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