When RiverBluff Collective was founded, it aimed to make knowledge about and access to hemp-derived products more convenient for those who sought them. Today, RiverBluff products can be found all over, keep reading to learn more about the progress, partnerships, and friendships we’ve made over the years. So, kick back in the cut, let’s fire one up, and learn about where you can buy RiverBluff. 

231 Coffee Bar and Gaming 

231 Coffee Bar and Gaming, located in downtown East Dubuque, Illinois, has been a dream of RiverBluff’s since the very beginning. RiverBluff’s  owners wanted a place that had something to start their day and end their evening, a place that people could grab RiverBluff products before and after the store opens, but most of all, a place where everyone would feal welcome to share their ideas and unwind a bit. Grab a bite to eat, maybe some edibles for later, or try your luck with our Lucky Lincoln slots. If you stop by to see us in East Dubuque, you should definitely check out 231! 

The States 

Let’s face it! We know you can find RiverBluff hemp-derived products all over Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Many brick and mortar shops carry the RiverBluff brand but not all of them are from those three states. RiverBluff can also be found on shelves in several other states such as Minnesota, Missouri, Alabama, and Texas. RiverBluff Collective only provides hemp-derived products that are legal in the states that carry our brand. If you own a shop and want to carry RiverBluff in your store, just fill out this form.     

The Events 

RiverBluff is a social company and wants to talk to as many of you as possible, answer all your questions, and provide you with the best legal products in your state. The best way they can do that is attending events and RiverBluff attends all events if it is beneficial to both parties. Whether it be a county fair, a music festival or concert, a farmer’s market or other, they’d love to see you there. If you know of an event in your area and would like to see RiverBluff show up on your doorstep, please drop us a line. 

Always Online! 

Is RiverBluff too far from home, or you don’t know of an event near you? Don’t worry! You’re on the website now! The internet is a magical place filled with wonders like ours. RiverBluff adheres to the strictest of state regulations, so the products that aren’t available in your area are unable to be purchased so you won’t have any legal concerns. If you want to try a product you know we carry and believe it unjustly blocked in your area, let us know! RiverBluff wants you to experience RiverBluff and we hope you take the time to do so.  

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