Do you want your weed to last longer? Don’t want to scroll through the 100s of articles on the topic? Don’t worry, we combed through them all for you to separate the things that seemed a bit farfetched and zone in on the things almost everyone agrees on. We know flower deteriorates over time and loses its efficacy. The best way to increase the life span of your bud is proper storage. Kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn how to store some weed stuff. 

Tip 1: Keep It Cool, but not too cool 

This one should go without saying but keep your cannabis away from heat (unless you’re ready to blaze up 😉). Heat causes buds to fry out and burn poorly and can cause terpenes to evaporate changing the flavor profile and overall experience. When we say keep it cool, we don’t mean keep it cold. Cold can also have adverse effects on cannabis flower especially at freezing temperatures. Freezing temperatures can cause trichomes to pop and lower the potency as well, and nobody wants that! 

Tip 2: Keep It Away from Sunlight 

The Sun! Isn’t it strange how something civilization relies on to survive can be such a menace? It can burn your skin, it can give you cancer, and can destroy your cannabis flowers. Besides drying it, which we already covered, the sun’s UV rays can break down cannabinoids and terpenes the same way it makes colors fade. Keep your cannabis flower out of sunlight! Keep it out of the light for that matter. A drawer, cabinet, closet, or a super-secret hidden box all can protect your precious buds very well. 

Tip 3: Keep it Dry 

We don’t want you to have dry cannabis flower, but you should know moisture is not its friend. Moisture in jars causes more mold problems than anything else. So, unless you are brave and want to see if fire beats mold, it is best to just cut your losses and trash the bud. But like stated previously, keeping it too dry isn’t good either. It is best to keep your cannabis flower at 59-63% relative humidity for best results. You can help control this by adding humidity packs to your stash. Controlling humidity is also why you should avoid refrigerating your buds. The drastic changes in temperature will also lead to mold problems 

Tip 4: Pick a Good Container 

Always go glass! Storing cannabis long term in plastic, rubber, or metal containers can effect the taste of your herb. They work great for short-term use, but if you are looking to stow something away for a rainy day, you will want a glass container. Glass containers have far less effect on the taste of your weed. You can also get them in darker colors to help lessen UV light exposure even further. Many come with hermetic seals that also prevent moisture from getting in. Glass is the MVP of storing weed. Just make sure you get a proper size; you don’t want to have to smash it in there! 

Tip 5: Keep The Container Clean 

Think of your container as a clean room for your bud. It needs to be maintained or outside contaminants can get in and cause the dreaded mold. Mold sucks! It is the villain of storing weed. Sweat, dirt, random particulates can all get into your jar and bring mold right in there with them. If you notice your container has any gunk, grime, or wet on it, it is best to clean the container and dry it extensively before returning your stash. This probably is the last thing you think about when preparing to indulge but it will do your cannabis well. 

One Last Thing 

We know people smoke weed at different paces but buying in bulk will save you money in the long run. Even if an eighth will last you a while, buying a quarter, half or ounce will save you money and time so storing it properly is essential. Properly storing your flower can keep it fresh for 6 months to a year. Bulk buying will always save you time and a few bucks and, who couldn’t use extra money and time? If you enjoyed this article and want to stay up to date on all things RiverBluff Collective, please feel free to SIGN UP for our email group. 

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