Eagle 102.3 released a blog on their website covering the strategic partnership between 7hills Brewing and RiverBluff Collective to produce THC-infused drinks such as Pops and Seltzers. This partnership came together as 7Hills looked to transition from bottling to canning and RiverBluff looked for a partner to bring its drinks to life. The stars aligning was nothing short of serendipitous. Together we look forward to distributing these drinks statewide in Iowa. 

From Eagle 102.3  

“Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 7 Hills was making strides in the Iowa market with its bottled beers. However, the pandemic necessitated a pause, leading the company to withdraw bottled products and focus on refining its processes. With the recent assistance from Riverbluff Dispensary, which moved its headquarters to the Millwork District, 7 Hills has now accelerated its plans to introduce a canning line, initially slated for 2025. Riverbluff’s collaboration played a crucial role by enabling 7 Hills to expedite the transition and meet the growing demand for THC-infused beverages. The beer market is undergoing significant changes, with a nationwide decrease in beer production and a surge in non-alcoholic and THC-infused beverages. Partnering with Riverbluff Dispensary places 7 Hills at the forefront of these trends, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and growth.” 


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