Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high. That’s right summertime is back and that means sun times and fun times. Let’s say that the cotton won’t be the only thing that is high. Cannaconsumers are on the move during the summertime. There are hikes to be had, boats or tubes to be floated on, the warm crisp summer air to fill your nose, and strains to be smoked. With the rampant pace to enjoy summer while it lasts, many cannaconsumers rely on vaping to fill their needs due to their discreet and easy use in almost every situation. Yet, their convenience comes with some caveats. Here are four things to remember when vaping this summer. 

Vape Carts are 2/3 Mogwai 

Summer brings with it lovely sunshine and wild wet outdoor adventures. However, much like owning a Mogwai, it shares 2/3 of the same rules of ownership if you want the best experience. For those completely lost, Gizmo, from the movie Gremlins, Gremlins 2, and hopefully soon Gremlins 3, was a Mogwai and caused some antics. 

  1. First, keep it out of direct light and heat as much as possible! 
  2. Heat and light can cause the oil to thin out resulting in leaks and loss of flavor.   
  3. Second, don’t get them wet.  
  4. Electronic devices don’t like moisture, so keep it as dry as possible. 

Handle those two tips and you avoid your Mogwai going all Gremlin and becoming a problem. Can’t find anything that says you can’t feed it after midnight, but I bet it will have you eating after midnight. 

Don’t Overwork Your Device 

Summer brings the social out of all of us and cannabis consumption is social by nature. The increased heat and passing of vapes can lead to problems. Exposing your vape to rapid hits in short succession can drain the battery, cause the oil to thicken causing clogs, and worst-case scenario kill the battery all together. If you are going to share or are just a heavy consumer, be sure to give your vape extra time to cool down after every few hits. This may seem like a pain, but it will save you money in the long run. 

Keep It Clean 

First off, no matter how hard you try you will probably leave you vape in a place too hot for it at least once. Nobody is perfect. This can lead to clogs and seepage from your vape. You can help reduce this by keeping an eye on a few things.  

  1. First, keep the airway clear. If you start struggling to pull on you vape, you probably have the beginnings of a clog. You can keep airways clear by using a toothpick or paperclip to gently clear debris. 
  1.  If you are using a disposable vape, there is normally a hole near the charging port that you can blow through until vapor comes out the mouthpiece clearing the clog. 
  1. If you are using a traditional cart and pen set up, make sure to regularly clean the threading and contacts with alcohol.  

Don’t Vape and Drive 

We know you have places to go and people to see but do not vape and drive. This goes 365 days a year, but many people test their luck in warmer weather. The windows are down, and you don’t think anyone will smell it, you’re on a boat and don’t think anyone is out there to catch you, or you’re riding a bike on a trail and don’t think it will harm anything. You’d be wrong and put yourself and others in danger. In all three cases you can and will be ticketed for operating under the influence. According to Pennsylvania v. Mimms, you must obey officer’s commands while detained, including but not limited to being separated from your transportation, allowing a frisk for weapons, and a field sobriety test when required. Not adhering to an officer’s commands only leads to headaches or worse for both of you. Have fun, respect others, and be safe out there. 

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