Many people enjoy edibles, and more and more are venturing outside the realm of gummies and discovering the wonderful world of THC-infused chocolates. Chocolate is one of the most amazing substances on earth. We give it to those we love on special occasions; we eat it when we are sad, happy or just because, and it is ingrained in most holiday frivolity. It is simply delightful, unavoidable, and inescapable. But what happens when you tire of just eating squares off a bar? What happens when a chocolate becomes more than just a chocolate? Magic! That is what happens. All these ideas come with heating chocolate. Never heat THC above 392 degrees as it will cause it to degrade. Try to use the lowest temperature possible to accomplish your alchemy. Kick back in the cut, loosen on up, and let’s talk about some chocolate weed stuff. 


Summertime is here and that means camping. Can you really say you went camping if you didn’t make smores? The timeless classic is a champion around campfires and seared into some of our fondest memories. You know the routine. Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Sandwich them together and melt into delicious gooey goodness. This treat is ideal as it rarely exceeds temperature limits and requires no devices to make it. Ingredients, an open fire, a set of tongs or two sticks if you are adventurous, and you are on your way. Use our Smores bar and enter smoreception. 

Hot Coco 

We know it is summertime and this is more of a winter drink but come on who doesn’t like hot coco before bed?  A perfect nightcap regardless of season. Again, this is a simple routine. Heat milk or water to desired temperature and add desired dose of chocolate. Mix, stir, and shazam, you have the best hot coco you’ve ever tried! We even made our own recipe. 


This one might sound strange but don’t knock it until you try it! Chocolate melts at very low temperatures making it an easy to convert dipping sauce. Once in liquid form, the world is your oyster. Do you want to be healthy? Just cut up some fruits. You want something savory? Grab a bag of chips or some pretzels. You want to go completely insane? Try them on some wings or ribs. Our French Toast bar melted over pretzels is life changing.  

Baked Goods 

The go to in every cannaconsumer’s arsenal. Once upon a time, stoners had to extract THC into butter or oil and then use it for baking and most of the time they baked chocolate chip cookies or brownies. Now all the hassle of at home extraction is gone with THC-infused chocolate. Just dice up the bars however you see fit and add them to your favorite dough or batter and ta da! Your chocolate has transformed into something far greater. Just be sure to never heat THC above 392 degrees as it will cause it to degrade. 

Be a Mad Scientist or At Least a Stoned One 

Variery is the spice of life and experimentation leads to more variety. We’ve given you some brush strokes to create your own masterpiece. Be inventive, be adventurous, and challenge yourself and social norms. There are far worse days to be had than melting some chocolate on something different to find out it wasn’t that good. There are few better days than melting chocolate on something different and realizing you know something others don’t. We’re just saying THC-infused chocolate mesquite BBQ ribs sound like a thing that should already exist. To keep up to date with all the latest deals and articles at RiverBluff be sure to SIGN UP for our email group. 

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