If you are a cannaconsumer, there is a high likelihood you have been too high at some point. It happens to all of us. It doesn’t matter if you are new to cannabis or have been smoking for years, almost everyone falls victim to getting too high. Weed is awesome but being overconfident or underestimating it can be a mistake. In this article, we will go over some different levels of being too high and the things you can do to come down. So, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn what to do when you take too much weed stuff.

Level 1: Becoming an Inconvenience to Sober People. 

This is really the lowest level of being too high. We become an inconvenience to sober people when we do the following:  

1. Ramble on at long lengths about a subject no one in a 5ft radius cares about.  

2. Because no one is listening to our stoned rants (however eloquent they may) we quit listening to them. 

3. We use something akin to the phrase “remember when you were cool”. 

What should you do 

If you are enjoying your buzz and don’t mind being slightly annoying, just ride it out and apologize in the morning. If inconveniencing your friends is becoming a buzz kill, eat something. Order something for the group or ask the group to grab a bite with you. The fat content in the food should help to bring you down and the food keeps your mouth from talking. 

Level 2: Becoming Anxious or Paranoid. 

These feelings can ruin the best of times on the best of days. They are both semi-common, especially for new consumers. If you are amongst friends, they will grab you something to eat and talk you back down to reality. These feelings can spiral if you are alone, and that is why we are here. 

What Should You Do 

Social media has been ablaze with at home remedies for this such as chewing peppercorn, drinking lemon juice and even inhaling a little black pepper, which will help snap you back into reality! They also claim it will have the same effect CBD would and maybe they do1. There is no real dosage chart for these methods, but do you know what there is a dosage chart for? CBD! The things those methods try to mimic, and it is readily available. Don’t turn to TikTok for advice on weed-related matters. Go to your budtender or find a credible blog. Please! 

Level 3: Panic 

An onset of dread can come on quicker than the other levels and make you fear your own mortality. This is the rarest of feelings. This is more prevalent in consumers who use concentrates, new or old, but not limited to concentrate users. Concentrates are hard to judge when hitting. You can go from zero to lightspeed in the blink of an eye. You may have fainted. You may have heart palpitations. You may break out in a cold sweat. You might think you are dying. Chances are you won’t and if you did, it is highly unlikely the weed that did it2. You will be alright; we are here to help.  

What Should You Do 

Hopefully, you will be with friends if this happens, and they will assure you that you are alright. If you are alone, you can use the following methods. 

  1. Take your dosage of CBD by weight.  
  1. Contact a friend to come over and try to talk you back into reality.  
  1. Order food for several people and eat.  
  1. You can eat some peppercorn or drink some lemon juice while you wait for food if needed. 
  1. If those don’t do the trick, just go to sleep. When you wake up, you will be less high or not high at all and realize it wasn’t the weed’s fault. 


As much as we all love cannabis/hemp, it is an intoxicant and should be respected as such. The plant should be used to heal and have fun not to do something excessive. Learn your limitations and remember them. Knowing those limitations will reduce the chances of the above-mentioned feelings. If you are new to cannabis culture, don’t let the possibility of getting too high detour you. Start off with something easy to control like water soluble THC drinks or low dose gummies using water soluble THC or by taking small hits of smokeable products until you find your sweet spot. If you are an old head, you’ve probably felt most of these feelings and probably already knew most of this information, and for that, we thank you for reading. 

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