If you are a fan of Delta 9 THC gummies, you may have noticed recently more companies offering a fast-acting option and wondered how they suddenly did that. Why weren’t they always fast-acting? Well, don’t worry, I am here to answer those questions for you. The simple answer is SCIENCE! 

What you need to know about water-soluble THC. 

Water soluble THC is relatively new to the cannabis market and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Before its invention, THC edibles were made with oil-soluble THC which left onset time unpredictable and dosage sometimes harder to control for the novice user. Without going all science geek, here are the top 5 things you need to know about water-soluble THC vs oil-soluble THC. 

  1. Absorption Rate is Higher. The bodies absorption rate of oil-soluble THC is 30%. Whereas the body’s absorption rate is 80% with water-soluble THC. Rather than being broken down by the stomach to be processed by the liver, water-soluble THC more efficiently soaks into your stomach lining when broken down. This leads me to my next point. 
  2. Reduced Onset Times. As water-soluble THC is more efficiently absorbed, the onset time is naturally reduced. No more sitting around waiting for something to happen. Water soluble THC onset time is 10-15 minutes.
  3. Potency Increase. With an 80% absorption rate, potency is also increased to around slightly over double, so tread lightly. If you normally take 10mg, start at 5mg. There is no use using dynamite if a firecracker will get the job done.
  4. Shorter Duration. As the body processes water soluble THC very quickly, it also shortens the duration. In most cases, this is a wonderful thing. It makes it easy to zone in on what dosage is right for you and how often you can take those doses.
  5. But Edible THC Doesn’t Affect me. This is the real game changer. Most people who want to enjoy edible THC but can’t, now can! Enzyme factors in the liver are the primary cause that some have never experienced edible THC. Since water soluble THC isn’t processed by the liver, they can now take the ride they’ve always wanted. 

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