Hexahydrocannabinol (Who was time to say it like that?) or HHC is a relative newcomer to the hemp-derived market. It keeps popping up in more blended products as well as products on their own such as HHC edibles like caramels and gummies. People have had questions about the compound. So, we’ve gathered some of the most asked questions and will try to shed some light on HHC, the forgotten cannabinoid. 


  1. Will It Get Me High? HHC is psychoactive and can most definitely get you high. Most consumers report feelings of euphoria, elevated mood, relaxation, and stimulated appetite. Some consumers claim it heightened their sense of taste and smell. If you are a foodie, this may be the compound for you 1. 
  2. Does It Feel More Indica or Sativa? HHC is most commonly found in Sativa 2 and offers more of a Sativa feel than an Indica feel but has characteristics of both. HHC can be great socially, the elevated mood and euphoria make even the shyest people perk up in conversation. Yet, it offers enough relaxation that it can be used like a mild Indica. 
  3. Where Do These New Compounds Come From? Few of the compounds that show up in modern hemp-derived products are new. Most of them were first identified in the 1940’s by Roger Adams (Keep an eye out for an article on him) including HHC 3. The reason most people haven’t heard of these compounds is until the recreational market started to boom so did the knowledge base of the consumer. They discovered that many compounds that may prove helpful in their daily lives were not available at their typical dispensary. That is where hemp dispensaries stepped up and companies like ours were born.
  4. What is the Best Way to Consume It? This boils down to personal preference. We carry in it stand alone edibles as well as blended concentrates. More and more people are avoiding smoking due to personal health concerns so most of our HHC offerings are edible. Still, we know the ritualistic side of smoking is big part of cannabis culture which is why we included it in some of our blends.
  5. Will I Fail a Drug Test? The rumor that you could take HHC to get high and still pass a drug test has persisted for years. Is it true? Maybe. Should you test it to find out? No! While most drug tests only test forms of THC cannabinoids and HHC is not THC, that doesn’t mean you should try your luck. Anyone who sells you a psychoactive substance and claims you will pass a drug test is just trying to sell you something. They do not have your best interest in mind. 

          That is our brief introduction to HHC. Now, you have the information needed to make an informed decision or at least more informed than before. As always, we encourage you to do your own independent research, or stop into one of our 2 locations so our budtenders can help further guide you. Everyone’s experience is different. HHC might not be right for you, but it may be right for your best friend. Don’t yuck their yum just for the sake of doing so. HHC is just another part of a plant we all love different parts of, so always keep an open mind. 

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