Topicals are becoming a necessity to have on hand at any store that sells Delta 8 products or Delta 9 products. For those not familiar with the term topical, a topical is any lotion, salve, or oil you apply to your skin directly. These types of THC products are essential to helping those who seek pain relief but don’t want to get high. These customers want more help than they will get from an over the counter topical at Walmart, and many of them find their way into a cannabis dispensary or a hemp shop. Most cannabis dispensaries carry little to no topicals with few options. Hemp shops have taken up the slack in this department with most offering multiple options with multiple ways to apply the product. In this article I am going to cover how topical THC products work, if they will cause you to fail a drug test, what types of products are on the market, and introduce you to RiverBluff’s new line of topical products. 

How Do THC Products Work on the Skin? 

Our bodies contain natural cannabinoid receptors throughout the soft tissue and skin known as the endocannabinoid system, so when applying a CBD or THC product, your body is built to accept it. Most standard topicals found at your local pharmacy do not penetrate nearly as well due to lack of natural receptors. They work okay for skin irritation and minor aches, but if your issue is more severe, you should consider a topical THC product to see if it more suits your needs. In more cases than not you will find that it exceeds expectations. 

Will Topical THC Products Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?  

Many non-cannabis consumers shy away from the topic of using topical THC products out of fear they will get high or fail a drug test. First, topical THC products will not get you high. That is unless you start eating it in which case you either misread the directions or have a much much larger problem. As for Drug testing, topicals stay in skin cells for around 24 hrs. If you are not taking a skin test (the rarest of all drug tests) you should be fine but wait 24-48 hours to keep at ease. All in all, these products are safe, and your body was built to use them. 

Types of Topicals and What to Use Them For 

Lotions Lotions are great for skin irritation and minor soft tissue pain. They don’t penetrate nearly as deep as salves or oils but many of them smell pretty whereas the other two generally have a medicine smell to them. They are also probably the easiest to apply.  

Salves- Salves are the deep penetrator of topicals. It is the messiest to apply but really the best to use for deep tissue bruising and sprains.  Once you get used to applying it it isn’t as messy but at first rest assured you will get it everywhere. 

Oils- Many oils use a roll-on applicator. Roll-ons are nice because the roller also offers a slight massage when rolling over the skin. It penetrates better than lotion but not quite as good as a salve. It is the most versatile. It does well with everything from skin irritation to deep tissue bruising. It is also the cleanest to apply as your hands never really need to come into contact with the oil. 


RiverBuff’s New Topical Delta 9 THC Products! 

3oz CBD/Delta 9 Roll On- This is our strongest roll on yet! 1000mg of CBD and 50mg of Delta 9 THC are paired with menthol to create a cool soothing easy to apply topical. 

1.6oz CBD/Delta 9 Salve- Our new salve is our most powerful topical yet. Same pairing as the roll on except there is 100mg of Delta 9 THC in it. This product is our best offering for deep tissue pain. 

Besides offering new topical THC products, we have also brought out our new 1200mg Citrus Splash CBD lotion. Arter reading this article if you still have trepidation toward trying topical THC products, please, try a CBD product, the amount of relief you can experience far outweighs any stigmatism you might face from uneducated people for trying to find relief for yourself. Your comfort should be the focus of any treatment you try and the optics of it should be a distant second. If you know someone struggling to come to terms with the possibility that they may be better suited to THC products, please, show them this article or one of the many others written by others on the topic. 

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