How is THC legal in Iowa? The Cedar Rapids Gazette dug deep into the hemp culture of Iowa to find out what products are out there, how to keep legality top-of-mind, and why more Iowans are turning to THC and Delta-9 products (like RiverBluff THC products!) to relax. 

From the Gazette: 

“RiverBluff Collective, a manufacturer and retailer in East Dubuque, Illinois, sees a growing trend in Iowa. This spring, the company plans to open its new headquarters in Dubuque’s trending Millwork District, where it hopes to capitalize on the growing popularity of hemp. 

Dealing in both traditional cannabis and newer hemp-based THC products, owner Ali Gansemer sees a stronger trajectory for growth with hemp-based THC than with the recreational cannabis market in Illinois. 

‘Just having an open market and the ability to sell into states that don’t have (legal recreational cannabis) opens the door for bigger expansion,” she said. “Consumers like the ability to go into a store and not have to walk past security guards to purchase very similar products.” 

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( Image Rights: Jim Slosiarek/The Gazette)

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