Dubuque, Iowa – a city renowned for its charm and burgeoning cultural scene has welcomed us as a part of the downtown landscape!

Located at 168 E 10th Street, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our new headquarters, set to redefine the concept of hemp-derived retail and consumption spaces in the heart of Dubuque, and Iowa as a whole!

Poised to become an essential hub for hemp and cannabis education and innovation in Iowa, and doubling as a retail space, the headquarters will showcase a wide array of D9, CBD and other cannabinoid hemp-derived products from soothing topicals, delectable and hand-crafted edibles, plus refreshing plant-infused beverages. Our carefully crafted selection is a reflection of our commitment to serving the Iowa community with the best in quality and wellness.

Looking ahead, our plans include relocating our production and distribution operations to downtown Dubuque, fostering a seamless integration of operations, and increased efficiency and transparency for the consumer (that’s you!). 

But that’s not all – we have an exciting vision for the future of RiverBluff Collective’s Headquarters. In line with our commitment to education and community engagement, we plan to dedicate a section of our space to the creation of a CONSUMPTION LOUNGE! Here, you and your buds can gather, relax and partake in a selection of the best hemp-derived products we can offer in a welcoming, safe & educational atmosphere – where conversations can flow freely and lasting connections are forged.

Our new Headquarters, retail space and future consumption lounge is not just a physical expansion, but a testament to our love for Dubuque and the state of Iowa, and commitment to our unwavering values of bringing access to the communities who need it most. 

“We’ve been on a mission to create greater access for people in the Midwest who need and rely on hemp-derived products to improve and enhance their lives – this location is such a huge step in the right direction to meet that goal.” says RiverBluff co-owner Ali Gansemer.

Together, let’s redefine the possibilities of hemp in Iowa, one hemp-derived product at a time. 😌

RiverBluff IOWA is open DAILY at 11am – We’ll see you soon! 😁

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